Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Farmer's Market meals, take two!

Jeremy spent the day yesterday taking care of our plumbing problem and I'm happy to say it is fixed! whew.

After a long busy day yesterday I was excited to head home and prepare the meal I've been thinking about for several days now.  We arrived home around 8:30pm, started up the charcoal grill and prepped our dinner.  We started with watermelon cocktails.  Parker loves these.  So do I.  We fill a blender with watermelon chunks, a bunch in fresh mint leaves and ice.  Blend it up, add a bit of seltzer, blend again and drink.  I add white rum to mine.  delish.

I had picked up some fresh green beans, hot peppers and corn at the North Side Farmer's Market last Friday and decided we would make grilled green bean tacos.  I prefer tons of fresh grilled veggies in my tacos but you could make these with any combination of ingredients.  We had cleaned all the veggies last night prior to our plumbing incident so we had lots of time to relax with our cocktails while the grill was heating up.  Once ready, we tossed the green beans and hot peppers in olive oil and salt then added them to the grill (we use a flat grill pan with small holes to keep the food from falling through the grill grate).

When I grill corn on the cob I pre-cook it in the microwave.  Leave the husks on and cook 2 ears at a time for 2 minutes.  When finished, remove the husks, brush with olive oil & salt then add to the grill, turning periodically like you would anything else.  We also grilled a few links of chicken sausage.

When everything was ready, we pulled it all off and started preparing our tacos.  We use corn tortillas (we love corn tortillas!).  Brush the bottom side of each tortilla with olive oil to prevent sticking and add your fillings.  We filled each taco with the grilled green beans, hot peppers, diced up chicken sausage and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.  Once filled, we placed each taco on the grill until slightly browned.  They were amazing.   The evening was so so lovely.  After Parker went to bed, Jeremy and I stayed up late, sitting on the screened in porch, talking about our day, sipping whiskey, enjoying each others company and the sounds of summer nights.

p.s. today's my birthday and my sweet parker gave me a grilling cookbook!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Summer + grilling = love. :)


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