Monday, July 5, 2010

Studio update!

I'm so excited to share some photos of our studio renovation project.  We have been working on this since we moved in last summer.  It has been a long haul of dirty work but feels very well worth it.  The gutting process was long, arduous, dirty and exhausting.  The space is tiny...only about 400 square feet so we lightened everything up by painting the floors light light gray and keeping the walls bright white.  We've decided to add color with furniture and our art collection (which is not on the walls yet so you won't see any art in the photos).  I did not think to take any before photos but just imagine a dark cramped space with a ceiling caving in and a back wall about to fall off the was not a nice site.  I won't go into all of the details of the structural work we did because Jeremy is the expert in the area, not me.  But, the space was falling down.  This was not simply a paint job and redecorate - it was a total structural renovation.  I have included a few in process shots along with the almost finished state below:

This is the back lounge space and part of the front office

 This was after the gutting and during the re-framing/re-insulating/re-wiring stage

This is the back lounge area and the bathroom.  You can see we have a bit of trim work yet to do and we'll be building a desk for Parker in the corner next to the couch

Jeremy raised the ceiling height, repaired the sagging ceiling beams and re framed the back wall (you can see 1/4 of it was had completely rotted away.

This is our office space.  Jeremy built a long useful table that covers the half wall and all of the side wall.  The legs are made from thick threaded rod that have been threaded into the floor.

A straight back view of the office space in progress.

Jeremy built the entire kitchen unit out of one piece of plywood.  It looks great! A studio kitchen will make our life so much easier.

A nice place to sit down.

Office on one side, kitchen/lounge on the other.

I've put some images on Flickr, too...


  1. AWESOME!!!!!! You guys are such an inspiration!

  2. As I just tweeted: FANTASTICAMUNDO! ;-)
    Seriously, what a stupendous job y'all have it is very apparent that you folks are in this space most of your waking moments, how awesome that you can make it such a beautiful & functional space!

    Random question: you're renting this space, correct? I'm (being nosey) wondering how that works, to do so much work on a rental property. But, as I think of it, maybe all businesses do this, I guess I've never really thought much about commercial renting...

    Anyway, here's hoping you find work more and more enjoyable because you've got such a fantastic place to do it in!

  3. The long awaited for pics have've done a great job on your studio, the kitchen area is awesome and great relaxing area for your daughter. When my daughter lived in the Pittsburgh area I suggested she stop by your studio and now I would love to see it even more.
    You'll enjoy all your hard work.

  4. What a beautiful job you guys did! Congratulations!
    Very inspiring to see. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. That is what you call renovation. You totally change the looks and design. Everything is new. I am planning to renovate my shop and I will use your studio as my inspiration.

  6. Well done on the renovation. Space looks great and I hope you are enjoying it.


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