Wednesday, July 28, 2010

work and camp

 Parker left for summer camp on Sunday...she was SO excited!  Summer camp has been very influential on Parker's understanding of the world around her.  The camp she attends is part of a working organic farm.  The girls sleep in open air mosquito nets!  They swim, kayak, canoe and jump from tree swings into the most idyllic mountain lake.  They garden, milk cows, cook from the vegetables they've grown, hike, build campfires and bond.  It's an amazing experience. While she's gone...we work.  We've set up a pretty rigorous schedule of studio time and work on the house time beginning at 7am and ending around 9pm daily.  We have not had any  moment (aside from repairing broken water pipes and gas lines) to work on our home renovation project and while it is a long daily schedule, we're excited to have made the time to work.  We're hoping to have a bedroom by the end of these three weeks (our current sleeping quarters are basically a closet).  Then, we will head to pick Parker up from camp and we're all going on vacation for a week!!! I can't wait!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what is the name of this camp? It sounds like heaven!


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