Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our daily lunch

Preparing a meal, no matter how simple, is something I find great solace in.  Especially when I get to share it with people I love!  I feel so lucky that Jeremy and I get to sit down together every day to share our afternoon meal.  It's one of our few uninterrupted moments that we spend together each day.  Our lunch time meal is always simple, always warm and always deeply satisfying.

We start by cooking a pot of rice (jasmine or basmati).

We typically add either black beans or chick peas...We do not have a stove in the studio kitchen so we just rinse them and add them to our rice bowl.

 We always add Braggs and hot sauce.  If we have a fresh vegetable on hand, we'll chop that and add it to the mix as well (today we have an heirloom tomato!).

Then we share a few quiet minutes, eating lunch, talking about the day so far and relaxing.  It's one of my favorite parts of the day.


  1. Thanks for sharing what you have for lunch! I am quite fond of jasmine rice but haven't tried basmati yet. Are they similar?

    What other vegetables have you tried with the beans and rice?

    I will be making this for dinner tonight!

  2. Sunny, pretty much any vegetable...we just chop and add them raw...mushrooms are delicious or a handful of cilantro or shredded carrots or diced tomatoes or diced peppers or all of the above!

  3. I remember this too well... miss it.


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