Thursday, September 23, 2010

preparations and tiny dolls

Today is our last day to get everything primped and propped and prepped for our big weekend in New York!  We're so excited for the Maker Faire/Craftacular and sincerely hope you will come see us there.  We'll be debuting two new of which you all have been requesting for at least 3 years! I can't wait for you to see it!  Jeremy has built us a set of tables and shelves...they look so great!  We've rented a mini van, purchased a tent and made tons of bags.  I'm really looking forward to getting everything all set up.  Lot's to do today!

Before I go, I want to tell you about these very sweet tiny dolls.   I first saw them in an Etsy email and instantly fell in love.  They're all created and hand-painted in Buenos Aires by Zime.  Aren't they charming? You can find them in her Etsy shop.


  1. OK, how long must we wait to see the new bags ("are you back yet, are you back yet...")? Can you post a teaser shot of the backpack? Pretty please?

  2. I'm so excited for the unveiling of the new backpack!!! I'll just keep checking in a quasi-obsessive compulsive manner with credit card in hand.

  3. It is really hot outside and I'm loaded up on icy cold margarita. Just checked the Moopshop site (have my CC # memorized so don't need it in hand...I can recite my CC # backward whilst loaded, how sad is that) and no backpack for sale yet. I've been dreaming of a Moop backpack for years. Actually, all the Moop bags are dreamy. I'd really just settle for a small sneak peek. :)


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