Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Learning to ride the bus

So, I've been researching the bus maps..trying to understand the routes and it appears that Google Maps on the iPhone gives pretty accurate bus directions along with daily schedules.  Do any of you use this?  Have you found it to be reliable?

There's also another great project in the City of Pittsburgh called Route Shout (coincidentally developed by a friend of Jeremy's).  All of the city bus signs have a number you can text and it will immediately send you a text message with the next arriving buses and times.


  1. I use the buses regularly to commute to campus and sometimes to get downtown or the like. It's not too bad.

    In the past, I've found Google Maps estimates a route will take 30 minutes, when in reality, the schedules say it should take 15 minutes. I don't know if they've fixed that yet, or what that was all about...

    Additionally, "Route Shout" is all well and good, except it appears to tell you when the next bus is coming, according to the schedule. Pittsburgh buses are typically running anywhere from 5-30 minutes off schedule (especially during rush hours) so Route Shout isn't exactly the most useful service in the world.

  2. I use google maps for catching buses in Pittsbugh a lot (I live in the squirrel hill area and frequently go downtown and into oakland) and find them really accurate and useful. That said, the buses aren't always reliable (especially in bad weather) because they fill up quickly in some parts of town. So I try to give myself an extra bus cycle just in case something goes wrong.


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