Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I often get emails from customers asking if I have plans to design a Moop clothing line.  At the current moment, there's a lot still to focus on and refine with Moop (psst..we'll be releasing some very new and exciting bags next month i can't wait to tell you about them!) - but, in the meantime I would shop for clothing at Madewell.  It's exactly my style…neutral, casual, styled, works in a variety of situations and not too precious (i wear my clothes until they're threadbare…me and precious clothing just don't match).  I would start with these jeans.  I love perfectly dark washed denim.  I would also love to have this dress, these boots, these oxfords (in grey) and this sweater.  Maybe Moop should just collaborate with Madewell!?


  1. Ooh, excellent taste! Madewell is the best. I got those boots a month ago and LOVE them!

  2. LOVE MADEWELL! They have a store in Charlotte I visited this summer. I have those jeans and they are my favorite. They need a store is Pittsburgh.

  3. More new bags??!!?? I'm still trying to budget how to buy all the current Moops I need to add to my collection. I don't know if I can take the goodness of even more new ones! I'm sure I will find a way. Keep up the great work!! Can't wait to learn about the new styles.


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