Tuesday, October 19, 2010

news on the homefront!

So…it might not be a surprise to most of you, but we're moving.  I know, I can hear you all saying "WHAT! again!?

Have any of you renovated a house…I mean top to bottom, total gut renovation?  Have you done this while living in it with your family and while trying to run a business?  If you have and you stayed sane…please tell me how you did it.  Because the indefinite state of chaos led to monthly breakdowns, then weekly breakdowns and recently they have been almost daily.  It's been difficult to get any work done on the house while we have been living there.  It's a very small place…only 1200 square feet between the two floors (600 each floor).  We gutted all of it just before we moved in..thinking it would not be so hard to renovate while we were also living there…that has not proven to be the case.  It is hard. We have lived for a year and a half in what looks and feels like a squat.  So, we're moving out while we renovate.  This should speed up the process and allow us to really address all of the issues this house needs.  Like all new plumbing and electrical.  There's still some knob and tube in there! (i only learned this a year and a half ago, so for those of you who don't know, knob and tube is like...when electric was invented and first put into houses...it's dangerous and very old).

We found a fantastic cozy little apartment and we're moving in just under 2 weeks.  I can't tell you the relief I've felt since we signed the lease.  All of our house items, except our clothes and dishes have been in boxes since we moved a year and a half ago (can you believe it's been that long!?).   I miss being surrounded by books and comforting things like walls without holes and ceilings that are intact.  We are all very excited to be moving to this new place.  I'll post photos as soon as we are in and settled.  But, there is lots of light, open spaces and clean finished walls, ceilings and floors!  woo!


  1. Oh, good! When you mentioned apartment hunting, I thought perhaps something had gone terribly wrong with the renovation, like discovering a cracked foundation, and that you had to give up on the house.

    Enjoy the cozy new apartment!

  2. Over a year ago, we decided to renovate our tiny guest bathroom (just a sink and commode). Just new paint, new floor, no problem, right? Well, one year later, it is still not done. No time. At all. I fully understand how hard it is to try and renovate when you are working full time and have kids too. Hope things work out well and you can live in a nice apartment for a while (and call landlord when something needs to be fixed...the upside of renting!).

  3. We didn't do a total gut of the house, but we have tons of projects that need to be done. We gutted our main bath last year, Nathan replaced the drains in March, and it is still waiting to be finished. It is either time, money, or both. Or something else comes up that needs fixed now. Darn life getting in the way of projects!

    Good luck, and may you find some peace in not living in caos.

  4. I've never renovated, but I have lived out of boxes before in what I thought was going to only be a temporary living situation, and oh my, I can only imagine the chaos and unsettled feeling. I'd definitely be at the daily panic attack level if placed in the same situation. So, congrats on the apartment! You can put up photos, get your favorite books out, and feel cozy just in time for winter days.

  5. Most definitely sounds like the best decision - sometimes you've really gotta take your cues from your own mental health. That's exactly what I did earlier this year when trying to tackle my own business, a toddler, full-blown renovations and a new baby on the way. The second we made the choice to simplify our life (in our case it was to put the business into hiatus) we felt an enormous weight lift from our chests. You likely won't know yourselves!

    Hope it all goes very very well for you from here on out.


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