Sunday, October 24, 2010

This weekend

Let me just start out by saying, I'm so anxious to move.  I can't wait to finally feel a sense of organization in our home life.  This weekend I've been trying to temper my anxiety by organizing everything in this house so we can move out and really begin to work on it…that and baking.  Our farm share has given us a bounty of squash.  None of us are too crazy about squash as a side dish to our meals…though, we've been good and we've all tried to eat it.  It's just so much tastier in the form of sweet breads and pies.  Aside from the excess of squash, joining the CSA has been such a good fit for us.  Every week we get a box full of veggies…some of which we've never had before.  Like Celeriac - thanks for all of your twitter help last weekend in identifying it!  I sauteed it up and it was super tasty.

This week we received a bag full of ground cherries.  I had never heard of or seen these before and oh my, are they just mysteriously delicious.  They look like tiny tomatoes sheathed in delicate paper little tomatillos.  They taste kind of like jelly beans, kind of like tomatoes, sometimes tart, sometimes super sweet and sometimes like….well, i'm not sure!  The flavor is so distinctive and so delicious I can't really describe it.  It's like nothing I've ever tried before.  If you ever come across them and have not had them before…try them! 

Off to a busy day of baking and packing (oh, and putting together parker's halloween costume. she's going as a pile of cute!)  Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!



  1. I've been inspired to go to the Moop Shop now. I adore that bag of yours. Come and visit me when you have time.


  2. hi! i love your bags and your blog. my boyfriend and i just moved to pittsburgh, and i'd like to join a CSA, but i'm not sure which one. which one do you belong to?

    also, i love ground cherries. we had them in a dessert in paris once, and it took us ages to figure out what they were.


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