Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moop on TreeHugger!

We were so excited to see our little business featured on the pages of Tree Hugger this morning!  We have worked hard to build a business that tries to embody everything that sustainability means - for us, labor practices are a huge factor in sustainability.  We work hard to create a comfortable, respectful, supportive, flexible and creative working environment for everyone who joins me in the studio each day.  This carries on to the interactions we have with each of you.  We thoroughly enjoy getting to know our customers and we like to know that all of the work we put into each bag will be appreciated by those who carry them.  We feel our working environment plays a large part in why each of you are interested in supporting us.  And, your support in our business - a business that started as the labor of one - has been able to provide jobs to three other people. Job creation is an important factor in sustainability and I'm so glad to see someone like TreeHugger acknowledge us for that! And even more happy to have the support of all of you!  This planet is full of good good people and when we all come together to support each other, good things happen.  Gah! Could I gush all over you any more?!  I'll keep saying it - you all are really wonderful!

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