Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A few new things...

I've just added a few new items to our shop for the holidays.  All year long we try out new colors and stock pile discontinued colors...we've been saving a few rosewood and provincial blue Messengers for this holiday season...there are only just a few in the, this will be your last chance to get them! 

I've also added The Letter Clutch in brushed brown....we added a few with our last production run but there are only just a few of them....

Also, be sure to check out the limited edition Moop + Max bag!

Also, also, we finally set up a facebook fan page for Moop!  Now you can like us and tell all of your friends to like us!  When we reach 1000 likes, we'll have a Facebook sale - so spread the word and tell everyone you know! I wonder how long that will take?? 87 likes in the first 2 HERE to say you like Moop.

And lastly - our fabric shipment came in early so we've been able to restock the brushed brown Messenger Bags...awesome, right!! 


  1. Cool! Love the letter clutch in brushed brown...pretty! I was really hoping you were gonna restock the Duffels...any chance of this anytime in the near future? I feel like an idiot for not ordering one this summer, they are never in stock now. :(

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Rosewood color! I looks great in every style and, though it is rosy, it really feels like a neutral color to me. I bet it looks great with everything! Lovely!


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