Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Max + Moop

We are excited to announce a special, limited edition collaboration between Moop and the very talented Max Wanger!  If you're not familiar with Max's work, visit his website (you'll spend lots of time wishing he had photographed your last special event).  We've taken one of our signature bags (the one that started it all circa 2007!) and paired it with one of Max's signature images.  The result - Fly Away.

This limited edition bag is available exclusively at:




AND!  The lovely OhJoy! is hosting a giveaway!  Visit OhJoy! for your chance to win one of these limited edition bags!


  1. i've been admiring moop bags from afar for oh-so-long. what a lovely collaboration. i love max wanger's site; thank you for introducing us to his beautiful work!

  2. What a brilliant collaboration!

  3. This looks fantastic! I love the bag as well.
    And thanks for the link to Max's photography, it's beautiful.


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