Saturday, March 26, 2011

Viewing art and baking bread

Parker and I went to The Mattress Factory this afternoon.  I've been wanting to take her to see the James Turrell pieces since we moved to Pittsburgh but every time we bring her to the museum it seems to be for a party or an opening or during that free museum day where there is no less than a thousand people waiting to cram themselves into the room where if they wait a reeeaaally long time they might see something.  So, today we went.  There were people there, not too many to deter us from waiting our turn to see Pleiades.  We waited in line.  Only two people can be in the room at a time to view it so we began with the other two pieces while we waited (Catso & Danae).  It was mostly anxiety inducing for Parker.  She could not orient herself within the space and she did not know what she was going in to see (a situation that could cause anyone anxiety)….once completely in each room she settled a bit and was interested in what she was seeing, but I could tell she still felt strange standing in a mostly dark she was skeptical.  All of this led to our turn in Pleiades which, requires at least 15 minutes sitting quietly in the dark in order to allow your eyes to adjust enough to see the spectrum that is displayed.  It's really pretty amazing, but we did not make it in the dark long enough to see the final result.  Parker felt too claustrophobic or perhaps she did not trust that her eyes would adjust...either way, we'll try again one day.  It was still a good experience.  Kids are funny.

image from Joy the Baker

So, now we are home and we're going to bake bread.  Specifically this Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread that I found on Joy the Baker - my new favorite blog.  She's darling and her recipes are irresistible.  I'm not a bread baker - I know nothing about it.  This should be a fun experiment with hopefully tasty results.  We're starting it now and I know we will not be able to wait until tomorrow to bake it so we'll surely be eating it for dinner. 

..we really shouldn't eat only sweet bread for dinner.
..but we might.

..and we might, as Joy suggests, eat it all.

*UPDATE* we made it to through the first rising last night but it was 8:30pm and we still needed a second 45 min. rise and a 45 min. bake so we opted to wrap it up and finish it in the morning. Let me tell you:

GREAT success was had.

We used two smaller bread pans and brought one to Jeremy's parents...which is why I feel *fine* saying Parker and I have eaten just about all of our loaf...if you make this, you will eat it all, too. Sunday morning perfection.


  1. If that bread ships well can I get some with my next Moop order. LOL YUM!!!

  2. Thanks for the baking website and the art exhibit (I'm very curious about the mythological references, as I teach a lot of Greek mythology)!

    Loving the new small waxed canvas messenger, too---the red sometimes looks like the waxed canvas version of the rosewood corded canvas.

  3. What a great recipe and website! Tried making the bread but it wouldn't rise fully for some reason. Possibly the yeast was off. But still delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    Love the new very useful tote. Beautiful and functional as always.


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