Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hearts and Hands for Japan

If you are anything like us you have felt helpless and gripped by the devastation of the March 11th tsunami, earthquake and subsequent nuclear disaster in Japan.  We have been keeping up with the news in hopes of learning as much as we can about the futures of everyone affected by the disaster…and feeling like there is so little we can do but stand by and watch.  Our friend Lynn has turned all of those feelings into action and has organized an amazing group of artists to donate work to raise money for Japan.  Her goal is to raise an amount of money that collectively has the ability to create a sincere and substantial donation to Save The Children and Shelter Box.  Moop has donated a $200 gift certificate to the effort in hopes that we can, through our small amount, contribute to those on the ground providing immediate aid to those directly affected by the disaster.  You can read more about the initiative here:

Another collective effort to raise money for Japan is Handmade for Japan who has set up an ebay auction of artwork from 60+ artists.  The auction begins tonight at 8pm and goes through Sunday, March 27th.  The auction items will be visible beginning at 8pm tonight.  Check the ebay shop here and the facebook page or website for all of the details.

It's so encouraging to me to see the handmade community come together is such a meaningful way to try and help in times of need.  There are such great people in the world.

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