Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello, it's been a while!

Hi everyone!  If you're anything like me you've spent the last few weeks sorting through paperwork, receipts, payroll records and Quickbooks preparing your taxes…I think the accountants among us deserve a high five.  Such great (and tedious) work they do!  We hired an accountant this year and it has been the best thing we've done in so long - he's great.  If you're in the Pittsburgh area and in need of a good CPA, drop me a line and I'll send you his info.

We've had a lot happen since we last touched base.  The Cup of Jo giveaway was a huge success and did you see that amazing giveaway she hosted the following day!?! wowza!

We had a super nice write up on Hello Craft - based in my former home town of Washington D.C. (well, I'm from the suburbs, really…No.Va...God, I miss that town!).

We also released a few new bags, The Very Useful Tote, which has already been a huge hit!  And, the Small Messenger in gray, we sold out of the first set within a few days of getting it up in the shop and have been steadily sewing up more.  It's my favorite bag we make (well, today anyway…my favorite depends on the day, really…I love them all!). 

We've been working on building our little business and I'm excited to announce that we're working with a super talented photographer to style and photograph our next photoshoot…such fun to be able to turn the photography over to someone who I know can do it better than me.  I'm so excited and will share the photos with you as soon as they are finished!

The weather is finally warming up and I could not be happier…I'm such a slug in the middle of winter. Horray for spring blossoms, light jackets and summer ales.

AND! Handmade Arcade is this weekend!  I'll be there, will you? (ahem..i'll be there shopping..moop will not be a vendor...we're not doing craft/trade shows any longer)

Hope you're all off to a great weekend!


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  1. Hi there! I love the clean, useful, and sturdy look of your bags, and your new tote bag is amazing!

    I stumbled across your blog while looking for other handmade bag makers. I'm new to this business and am inspired by your work and design philosophy, they mirror mine in many ways. I will be checking in regularly!

    Malaika Picard
    shop -
    blog -


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