Monday, April 18, 2011

Tastespotting Withdrawals

This afternoon, while looking through a few of the sites that are severe enablers to the afternoon procrastinators club, I noticed that Tastespotting was down. gah! and of course, I instantly felt like - wha! how can it be down? don't they know I wanted to look at pictures of food in order to gain inspiration for my Monday night dinner because the weekend is over and there are 4 more days until Friday and I just grocery shopped??? Well, I really wasn't that dramatic about it (mheh heh..maybe i was). But, while scrolling quickly through their Facebook page I came across a blog I had never heard of.  It has possibly the best name ever (you know, there's far too many blogs with really dumb names): 

The Cilantropist 

I hope she trademarks that. 
I've just skimmed through it at this point because I just only now found it, but it looks great! 
I'm a sucker for food blogs. 
They're among my favorite things on the internets.

now...what to make for dinner....

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  1. tastespotting is crack!!! i can get sucked in for hours. just discovered your beautiful bags online - gorgeous!


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