Monday, April 25, 2011

A new bike.

Parker has only 2 days off for Spring Break (it's hardly a break…more of a long weekend).  We couldn't take off for the weekend so instead we tried to do a bunch of fun things locally in between all the other stuff we had to get done.  We went to The Phipps on Sunday for the Butterfly exhibit.  It was great!  A newly hatched butterfly perched itself on Parker's finger.  She was thrilled.  We decided it must mean some good luck is heading our way.

Today we were expecting rain and had not planned anything.  I had to go into the studio for a few hours early this morning…while I was there, the sky cleared up just a bit and we decided to venture to West Newton.  A town about 40 mins. from Pittsburgh with a bike trail along the Youghiogheny River and a bike shop right on the trail.  I was anticipating renting a bike but secretly hoping they would have a nice looking used one I could pick up for cheap…and that they did!

I spent so much time researching the internet and asking questions on twitter about bikes and what would be ideal for living in Pittsburgh (a very hilly place) and what to use for my daily commute.  I did all of this knowing that as soon as I walked into a bike shop I would just see the one I wanted and that would be it.  Few questions asked: has it been tuned up? are the tires and brakes new? and be on my way.  That's how I tend to do things.  Research the hell out of it, then toss it all out the window and just go with what seems right at the moment. So, now I have a bike.  It's not the best or fanciest bike.  It's a very well used bike that cost $69.  $79 after I added a kick stand (is that dorky?). 

Parker and I took a 6 mile ride along the river trail.  It was 70 degrees.  We saw 4 water falls and tons of wild flowers.  It was a perfect afternoon.  My tush, elbows and wrists are quite sore which only means I need to get in bike riding shape, but if I ride it to and from work for a year, then I think it means I deserve to get one of those fancier, perhaps nicer riding bikes that I spent so much time researching.


  1. You went to a bike shop in Pittsburgh? Can I ask which one? I'm kind of in the same situation, starting to look for a bike. I'd prefer to go with used but I don't know know enough about bikes to go through craigslist or something.

  2. i went to the west newton bike shop. they only had 2 used bikes...i bought one. they said they tend to have more as the summer goes on. i also love Thick Bikes in the south side - they're super nice there and often they have used bikes...i imagine it's the same scenario: as the air gets warmer they'll have more used bikes in stock. good luck on your search!


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