Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learn Vest

We are super excited to be featured by LearnVest today!  If you don't already know about them, LearnVest is great resource for women to really understand finances, investing, saving and entrepreneurship.  We were so happy to talk with them about the in's and out's of building our small business and will surely be drawing on their vast knowledge of investing going forward.  And, when you reach the end of the article you'll find a nice surprise!!

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  1. Hi from Venezuela Wendy and Moop! I'am about to graduate from the university and I'm thinking about starting my own business and I just want to ask you something, if you could go back in time, when you first started moop, would you have the "made to order" production system or the one that you mentioned on the enterview ("20 bag at a time")? Thanks! :0)


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