Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Let's be honest - I rarely sit down and click through all the links on the sidebar of this blog.  I guess I don't leave much time in the day to read through all these things that once interested me.  Lately, I've spent more time looking up recipes that Parker and I can cook together than I do reading about whatever it is everyone's writing about.  It's our current stage in life and really, I love it.  There are many interesting things in that list but, those links are likely all going to disappear and be replaced with a more updated list of two or three things that interest me at any given moment...a more relevant rotating list (on that note..if anyone wants to trade bags for a blog re-design, please get in touch).

But, this morning, while waiting for an appointment to arrive I was clicking through links and reading SwissMiss and how she just launched an adorably fun new site called Tattly.  A site dedicated to temporary tattoos!  We always tend to end up with Hello Kitty temporary tattoos because frankly, most other options are just ugly and dumb (rhinestone butterflies just aren't our thing).

I just purchased the "You're Late" watch and can't wait to get it!  Parker is obsessed with knowing the time and is never ever late so I think she'll find this funny! And it's designed by one of my favorites, Julia Rothman.


  1. I wish I could trade bags for a blog redesign, but I lack the skills! Lately I've been sharing my stash of Moop bags with friends and family. I have my eye on adding a new one for myself to my collection very soon. Have a great week Moop family!

  2. Oh, those tattoos are brilliant.
    I also wish I could trade skills for a bag but I don't have that skill! I'm dying for one of your bags but I'm too broke at the moment. Soon, soon ... I've got it all picked out!

  3. I love the idea of a temporary tattoo! My daughter recently begged me to please not go through a midlife crisis and get one. While I don't intend to get a real tattoo I could have a good time scaring her with a temporary one!

  4. I love the Tattly tatts I got and think the one I sported this past weekend looked fabulous.


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