Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Workingman Collective

If you are in, or have reason to be in, Washington DC please stop by Hemphill Fine Arts to see the current exhibition by Workingman Collective.  I collaborated with two of my favorite people for this exhibition and built a set of frame backpacks for their installation.  They are based on one of the first frame packs patented in the US.  I am so happy with how the packs turned out and with the things I forced myself to learn about construction while I was re-creating/re-designing these - and with the conversation that re-ignited old friendships, in new ways, while working on this.  We used a cranberry waxed canvas that was color matched with the most beautiful powder-coated swing I've ever seen.  The swing holds plants that pull VOC's from the air and are tended to daily with water collected from a custom built rain barrel collection system installed by Workingman Collective in the alley behind the gallery.  You can read more about the exhibition here.

 For the duration of the exhibition, Workingman Collective is holding a series of Wednesday lunches: in the gallery, around the table and under the train.  Bring your lunch and share a conversation.  There is one today at 1pm.  Details can be found on their facebook page here, or my emailing the gallery directly.


  1. I love your wooden frame backpacks! Will you be selling these??

  2. Great exhibition! Your packs look fantastic. Congratulations!

  3. They are for sale through the gallery: Hemphill Fine Arts. Here's a link to reach them:

    Glad you like them! I loved making them.



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