Friday, August 26, 2011

A new school year

Every year I make Parker a new school bag.  We talk about what she wants, her color choices, features she would like and I build it for her.  It's one of the only custom bags I make each year.  I think she likes that no one else has a bag like hers and I love that she wants to carry a bag that I made for her.

Here is this year's new school bag.  She wanted the red waxed canvas and a two strap backpack. It looks so cute on her!  I finished it the evening before the first day of school so this is the only photo I snapped...I'll take more this weekend and post them to our flicker's super cute!


  1. What a stylish girl! I love it and I'm sure others will start to beg for them too!

  2. love it, Wendy! hope Parker has a fabulous school year.

  3. Such a beautiful bag! I love the color and if you ever made the moop bags available in that particular shade, I think I would order another Letter Bag!

    P.S. I got mine yesterday and I LOVE IT! Thank you.

  4. what a lucky girl. it's beautiful!


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