Friday, September 30, 2011

Canal House

I love to cook and share meals with friends and family.  My mother cooked a lot when I was growing up and was always willing to let us help in the kitchen.  I learned a lot about healthy eating, preparing food from scratch and making a little go a long way.  All of which has influenced how I cook now and I love to share these same experiences with my daughter.  I have also loved learning from my friends.  My dear friend Paula is the perfect hostess. We became friends while we were living in Massachusetts.  We shared meals regularly.  During these meals I learned  a lot about Paula's art of preparation, gracefully pulling together a simple collection of ingredients and preparing a fantastic meal all while incorporating and entertaining the guests.  We shared many evenings filled with great conversation, games, laughter, kids, food and wine.  On a recent phone conversation we both realized that we had been reading the Canal House cookbooks.  I feel like they embody so much of what I learned from Paula.  Thoughtful, seasonal meals prepared and shared with others.  She has started making Negroni's because of these books and I, Sidecars.  Check out their website, then their making lunch blog (don't you want to have lunch with them everyday!).  Then buy their books.  They're lovely.

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