Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Donut Tuesday

There are two local donut shops between my house and Moop studios, Big Daddy's and the pink house in Elliott.  Most of the time I have no trouble resisting the temptation to stop at either one.  But, upon occasion, I have a craving so I indulge.  And the funny thing is, it always seems to happen on the days when it is just Emily and I at the studio.  So, I pick out a sampling of a half dozen donuts…for the two of us?  We both just start cutting pieces off of each one, never eating a whole one but making sure to have a sample of every one.  This carries on throughout the entire day.  Then we throw away the rest.  I suppose that's what donut holes are for…keeping you from wasting all those good donuts.  I suppose that's also what the gym is for….keeping you from waisting all those good donuts.


  1. I buy donut holes for my (college) students from time to time -- sometimes you really need something to perk you up, especially at my 8am Latin class! (I was actually planning on doing this later this week.) But I have to stick to donut holes as I have a couple of classes of students. Nothing's wasted with them (and they never seem to worry about the other "waist" issue).

  2. Just found your site: LOVE the bags! But must comment on the donut issue: my young son and I have what we call DONUT ADVENTURES. When we just don't know what to do and we start with donuts! Our fav is Sils in Milwaukee where you don't even have to get out of your car and the donuts are made (are your ready?)
    While you wait!! Hot, mini, little goodies that oh yes, I'll have "only one". Ha. I have a punch card!


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