Friday, September 9, 2011

Free shipping this weekend!

Hello! We here at Moop just started 7th grade (ahem...well, our daughter did) but it feels like we did, too!  It's been a whirlwind the last two weeks and we're just getting our footing for our back to school, back to work, no more lazy summer days schedule.  I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way!  We are heading into a weekend full of fall sports, family weddings, outdoor art festivals and some cooler fall weather.  We love the fall and are looking forward to outdoor adventures, dinner parties and family gatherings and well, with all of this good stuff to gush about we decided to offer free domestic shipping this entire weekend!  Beginning right now and wrapping up on Monday evening, please enjoy free shipping within the domestic US and reduced international shipping worldwide (full details below).

Have a good one!

***Free shipping applies to all orders within the domestic United States via UPS ground service.  Reduced shipping to Canada for the duration of this promotion will be $15 (normally $25) via USPS International Priority Mail.  Reduced shipping to the rest of the world will be $25 (normally $35) via USPS International Priority Mail.  Offer begins 9.9.11 and ends on 9.12.11 at 7pmEST. No coupon code is needed, reduced shipping will automatically be calculated upon checkout.  Offer is only valid at


  1. Hello there! Just placed an order for the much coveted Paperback which I have been thinking about for months! Look really forward to it! Love your works!

  2. I love this bag...and what a great price. Love all the photos of the bag shown in action.


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