Saturday, September 17, 2011


The Moop household just got an iPad.  Our very first.  I must admit, I was a late adopter of this device because I felt like we didn't need it.  We have MacBooks and PowerBooks and iMacs and iPhones - all of which screams "you don't need another computer!!"  But, a week ago Friday, while I was waiting for hours and hours for my car to be repaired…the result of Jeremy and I not being able to coordinate a car share and Parker being off school and all resulted in us wandering into an Apple store, playing with an iPad, becoming instantly enchanted with its magical amazingness, me pulling out my credit card (which, I'm pretty sure is all you have to do at an Apple store and someone will walk over and says, "Thanks!  Your card has been swiped via our invisible credit card machine that floats through the air and swipes as soon as the words - I'm buying this - float off your lips. Your purchase is complete. Would you like a receipt? If so, it will print out of my left pocket.") and us walking out of the store with a brand new iPad2.  It was that easy.

So, all week we've been downloading apps and playing with it.  I decided that it will not be a game device.  It will be an educational tool that supplements what we all do daily...and it will be fun.  Parker has a lot of trouble with math, so I downloaded all the free math apps and purchased a few.  The MathBoard app is so far the best.  We did math problems before bed - nothing in the world would have made Parker want to do math problems before laying her head down on her pillow to fall asleep.  That alone makes the iPad completely worth it.

We also bought the Geo Walk app.  Parker loves to learn about things (she does not love math, but she loves information).  So, she follows us around like Encyclopedia Brown, reading us facts about sharks and Timbuktu and the Aztecs and gross spiders and everything and anything the world will show her.  

Then we added the Garage Band app.  She loves to sing and has had a lot of fun recording herself, playing it back, and trying to make her voice sound the way she wants it to.  She doesn't know it yet…but there's a lot of brain work in music that helps you be a bit better at math.  The iPad is going to help her brain do that work.  

Then I picked up our very first digital cookbooks.  First, Mark Bittmans How to Cook Everything.  A book that seemed so large for my cookbook shelf that I couldn't actually see myself using it.  But, the app version has been great to flit around in.  Parker and I have both used it as inspiration for dinners this week.  

I also, just this morning, picked up Speakeasy Cocktails.  I love to entertain and have been wanting a cocktail book that pulls together the history of drinks, ingredients, recipes and detailed how to's…this seems like it has a ton of potential.  And, as an added bonus, it's full of video tutorials!  Our next cocktail party will surely pull from this.

What apps have you found and loved? 


  1. We haven't taken the plunge on the ipad, thought we've been tempted. I use a kindle, an itouch and a blackberry which seems a little crazy. This post made me tempted to go have a look.

  2. If you think you're a late adopter my goodness; what will that make me. I'm like you all, I have enough technology, do I really need an iPad? But I'm sure once I get it I'll be enthralled with it like I was when I got my HP laptop. (Boy didn't I think I was on top of the world then!) Mind you I got my first laptop in 2009 (TALK ABOUT LATE)

  3. You will not look back, now you have come to the dark side. My OH (he aready had one of his own) bought one for me when i was out of action with broken ribs, it is never out of my hands. It is truely the ultimate media device. I use it for everything and the lack of flash only bothers me once in a while.

    I virtually never use my laptop now, shame it's not more blogger friendly, but surely there will be an app for that soon.

  4. waaaahhhh, now I really have to have an iPad!


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