Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A night of firsts

Last night The Moth held its very first Pittsburgh StorySlam.  It was at Club Cafe, which is small and hip and the perfect venue for a bunch of strangers to get together and tell their stories.  And, I TOLD ONE!  I have never ever in my life been up on stage in front of an audience…with lights and a microphone…never.  I was terribly nervous, my voice was shaking and I was certain the whole time everyone could see my black bra and red undies through my pink dress.  I had not planned on telling a story, but then we arrived, I had a martini (and a beer) and well, I told a story to my friend who said, "Hello! We're at The Moth! Get up and tell that story!"  Then Jeremy said the same thing…and so I did!  And I'm glad I did.  I've had a lot of firsts over the last few weeks and really, all of it is making me really fall in love with Pittsburgh.  Because, let's be honest, my first two years here were rough.  I did not love this town.  But, things are settling in nicely and I'm beginning to see this place for what it really is - a great place with great people and Moth StorySlams. 

Hope to see you at the next one!!


  1. Beautiful blog, Beautiful crafted work (saving daily for one) - Sorry to hear your first two years here in Pgh were rough but glad it's growing on you; it's worth sticking around to build a relationship with the city and people and we're lucky to have you here.

  2. first 2 years are rough in all cities.

  3. It takes guts to tell a story on stage, without notes, on front of strangers. Congrats!

    I enjoy your blog so much, it's very well curated.


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