Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday 2011

Hello!  If you are in the United States you are likely preparing for Thanksgiving - my most favorite of holidays.  I love bringing together friends and family for a day of relaxing, cooking, conversation and football.  At the Moop household, it is the calm before the frenzy.  A few days of solace, comfort and rest before we switch into overdrive, making as many bags as we can.  Every year, as daylight becomes shorter, our work days become longer.  It's a hardworking time of year for us but really we love it!  We shift our audio landscape to winter themed stories (we love to listen to David Sedaris and all of his riotously funny stories) and bundle up in chunky knitwear. 

The first year we moved to Pittsburgh, Moop was only Jeremy and I.  It was the first holiday season Jeremy had experienced working full time at Moop and the first holiday season where our studio was not in our home.   From late October to early February, we sewed and sewed and sewed late into the night, every day of the week.   We would pick Parker up from school and drive back down to the studio, where she would spend the rest of her day and evening and part of the night.  The studio is quite small…it's only about 700 square feet and houses our office, production space, storage and everything else.  That year we put a Christmas tree in the window, a folding cot in the back room and a crock pot on our desk.  We would let dinner simmer all day long, Jeremy and I would trade off helping Parker with homework and then we would eat as a family in the back room of our studio during short breaks from working.  Afterwards, Jeremy and I would get back to sewing and Parker would settle down with a drawing pad and colored pencils and we would listen to A Christmas Carol.   Parker would eventually fall asleep on the cot until we could head home around midnight every night.  It was an immensely exhausting time, but it was filled with fond memories of our little family of three, working to make holiday gifts for those around us while spending time together as we all adjusted to life in a new city.  

Because of the support from all of you, we've been able to hire a few assistants so our holidays are not quite as Tiny Tim as they used to be.  They are still a huge amount of work, but it means we get to take off for Thanksgiving and Christmas to spend at home with friends and family. Jeremy has gone back to teaching, art making and education project building and I have been able to add a few fantastic people to our studio.  We still listen to David Sedaris (it's tradition!) and if I can convince my assistants of its merits, we might also listen to A Christmas Carol.  Even though we have grown (and Parker no longer has to sleep in the back of the studio during the holiday season!) we're still the same - building every single bag, start to finish, in our small and cozy studio.  And, we will still run out of certain items as the holidays approach (we can only make so many bags!).  So, get your orders in early!  In hopes that you will, we've set up a special code for use at  Simply enter TINYMOOP upon checkout for 10% off from now until November 28th.  Also, we're offering $5 flat rate shipping on all orders shipped within the domestic US and $12 flat rate shipping to Canada - from now until December 15th**.  

Many thanks and fondest memories,
Wendy & Jeremy

**Flat rate shipping offer applies to orders shipping within the domestic US and Canada. Orders will be shipped via UPS Ground Service. Flat rate shipping is available from Nov.18,2011 - Dec. 15,2011.  TINYMOOP discount applies to all orders, except Gift Certificates and is valid from Nov.18,2011 - Nov.28,2011**

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