Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Hunger Games

We just finished listening to The Hunger Games here at the studio.  We invested weeks of our air time listening to this unexpectedly enthralling trilogy of books (which we did not know was being made into a movie until we finished the first book and said...someone should make this into a movie ...and then the internet told us they were).  We enjoyed just about all of it.  It made for great conversation in the studio as we all speculated about what would happen next, when the revolution would happen, how it would happen and who would die trying to make it happen.  Until the last few chapters of the last book.  I won't spoil the ending, but if you have even the tiniest shred of a feminist bone in your body (of which Moop studios has many) you will not like the way this book ends.  Now that we've spent the last few hours ranting about how it ends so status quo…so, non-empowering….so, reinforcing of cultural, blah….we don't know what to go on to next!  Any ideas?  Over the last few weeks we've listened to Tina Fey's Bossypants (full of awesome feminist bones), Go Down Together: a book about Bonnie and Clyde (which I would recommend to anyone) and The Omnivore's Dilema (again).  

Tell me what you're listening to!  I would love to know.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holiday Rainbow!

Yesterday was such a weird weather day for Pittsburgh. It rained.  It poured. It thundered and lighteninged (that's not a word). Then, it rainbowed!  And if you look real close, there's a faint double rainbow!!
The only thing a double rainbow induces is a smile.

Hope you all have the loveliest of holidays, whatever they may be.
Thanks for a fantastic year.  You all make my heart swell.

Much love,


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Traditions

I am finally getting excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday (it's been so busy, I've hardly had a chance to think about my own family's xmas!).  I am not a religious person but I will welcome any opportunity to show those around me how much I love them.  I also love indulging in traditions and creating new ones.  The first few years Jeremy, Parker and I were together we would spend Christmas Eve making pierogi from scratch.  This would then become our holiday dinner.  I suppose we started this because Jeremy was born and raised in Pittsburgh and I am part Polish…but, really I think it had less to do with either and more to do with us all liking a good pierogi…and wanting to create some new family traditions for our new family (and not having enough money for a holiday ham).  As the years passed and we discovered that Jeremy has a very very terrible awful wheat/gluten allergy, we left that tradition behind.  But, we have not found a suitable replacement!  Last year we shared Christmas dinner with Jeremy's family.  I wanted to bring a small bit of my family to the meal (to carry on a tradition from my childhood) and decided to bring our longest standing Christmas tradition, Christmas Pie.  Jeremy's family hated it…and let me know, too!  I was super bummed for a long time.  But, I have gotten over it! (kind of)  This year I will still make a Christmas Pie, only I'll save it for when my brother comes to visit closer to New Years…it will be a post Christmas Pie.  And it will be loved and honored as the pink marshmellow-y tradition that it is (it's also my sister's favorite pie and was always made for her birthday, which is Christmas Day).  Aside from pie, we're still trying to figure out what our Christmas traditions will be!  What are yours?  Do you have good memories of family traditions?  I would love to know.

Plus, I'll post the recipe for Christmas Pie later in the week!

Friday, December 16, 2011

My preferred drink...

image from Tomboy Style

I love this post from Tomboy Style.  Bourbon is by far my drink of choice.  I had a great time going to Longman & Eagle last February (we'll be back this winter, for sure!) and having to choose a whiskey from their impressive collection (I tried a few).  Great conversations with the bartender that night on the art and craft of small batch whiskey.  So, I loved coming across this article penned by a woman on the art and craft of choosing the right whisk(e)y.  Read it here.

p.s. We're sharing Christmas dinner with my in-laws and I am planning to bring a Christmas Cocktail!  I'll share the recipe once I settle on one.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

hanging plants

I have a secret. We're working on some big changes at Moop.  I can't tell you the details now, but just image a whole bunch of these hanging from the ceiling. 

Okay, I've given you too many hints already.  Come February, we'll talk about the big news.

p.s. it's not a baby. everyone always thinks i'm having a baby when i say i have a secret.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Winter is just about to fully set in here in Pittsburgh and I love these boots.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

favorite people...

I have been admiring the collaboration between Satsuma Press and Little Bright Studio online ever since they announced it.  So, two days ago, in the midst of my longest two weeks of the year, when I was so tired and running on mainly coffee and crackers, I opened a plain flat envelope containing this print!  It literally made my day starry and bright!

Lynn is definitely one of my most favorite people I have met from running Moop - she is admirably involved in so many things and makes the most beautiful letter press cards.  Her shop is open for just a few more days this holiday season.  She's closing up on December 13th so you should place an order for your holiday cards and gift tags now!  I love these and these.

And, I think we should all make this our new daily reminder:

Make every day starry and bright.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Schedule

Sleep in (ha! 'til 9:30)
Eat breakfast as a family (individually prepared by each person but consumed together)
Say I'm going to the studio asap so I can get my work done early.
Instead, play games with Parker on the iPad (someone had to teach her how to play Sonic…and win).
Go to the studio for real, to do the bookkeeping.
Write a blog post (procrastinator!)
Make coffee. 
Stare at the ugly bookkeeping computer (it's a PC).
Do the damned bookkeeping!
Grocery shop.
Find the xmas decorations which are in storage.
Maybe go to the 4pm spin class.
Decorate xmas tree, as a family (love this part).
Make dinner. Maybe cookies, too (or beg Parker to make her cookies). 
Watch the last episode of Modern Family, season 1, as a family, so we can send it back to Netflix and start season 2. (love this part, too).