Thursday, December 8, 2011

favorite people...

I have been admiring the collaboration between Satsuma Press and Little Bright Studio online ever since they announced it.  So, two days ago, in the midst of my longest two weeks of the year, when I was so tired and running on mainly coffee and crackers, I opened a plain flat envelope containing this print!  It literally made my day starry and bright!

Lynn is definitely one of my most favorite people I have met from running Moop - she is admirably involved in so many things and makes the most beautiful letter press cards.  Her shop is open for just a few more days this holiday season.  She's closing up on December 13th so you should place an order for your holiday cards and gift tags now!  I love these and these.

And, I think we should all make this our new daily reminder:

Make every day starry and bright.


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  1. This is such an amazingly creative way to present a holiday card. I'm in love. I just have to check out her shop!


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