Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Schedule

Sleep in (ha! 'til 9:30)
Eat breakfast as a family (individually prepared by each person but consumed together)
Say I'm going to the studio asap so I can get my work done early.
Instead, play games with Parker on the iPad (someone had to teach her how to play Sonic…and win).
Go to the studio for real, to do the bookkeeping.
Write a blog post (procrastinator!)
Make coffee. 
Stare at the ugly bookkeeping computer (it's a PC).
Do the damned bookkeeping!
Grocery shop.
Find the xmas decorations which are in storage.
Maybe go to the 4pm spin class.
Decorate xmas tree, as a family (love this part).
Make dinner. Maybe cookies, too (or beg Parker to make her cookies). 
Watch the last episode of Modern Family, season 1, as a family, so we can send it back to Netflix and start season 2. (love this part, too).

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