Sunday, January 29, 2012

On reading and living...

I often write about the books I've just finished…usually, as I've just finished them, when the emotions and excitements and longings of having just completed something you truly, deeply enjoyed have ended.  Tonight, it was, A Visit From the Goon Squad.  I loved this book.  There were so many moments/descriptions/events that felt so close to my own past lives - in a way that always makes me uncomfortable.  I have become very good at living my life in chapters…sections…closing off entire eras of my life in order to deal with (or not deal with) (or make it through the present) (or reinvent myself) (or to make things okay) whatever memories are trying to work their way into the present.  I tend to avoid things that drum up the past - avoiding the easy things, like not watching certain movies that I know will trigger a certain memory or not delving into the dregs of facebook to find people I used to know or not going back through emails from 15 years ago (when email was really new) but, often I am sideswiped by books.  Perhaps because I love to read.  Maybe because I can be wooed by beautiful language.  Possibly because I cherish getting lost in something else to end my evenings.  But, it seems the books I love the most…the ones I find myself thinking about throughout the day and hurrying towards the reading hour Parker and I have each night, are the ones that most closely resemble the lives I've had or the life I'm living. 


  1. Thank you for sharing. I've been out of the loop on reading for a few years now, while my kids were super little. But, in 2012, I've started reading and writing again. I feel like a grown-up. Now I'm eager for good reading tips - I'm putting this one on my list. A Pulitzer Prize no less. Good choice!

  2. What a great idea (closing chapters on your life from the past). Thanks for the inspiring thought!


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