Friday, March 30, 2012

some recent photos

I can't believe we're just about finished with March!  I feel like we've experienced all four seasons in the last four weeks - a fitting parallel to the major transition we just embarked upon.  We're up and running in a semi bare bones but way more awesome sort of way.  We still have several construction projects to complete and once they're finished we get to begin filling out the space with living things…plants, art work, furniture, objects that add warmth, etc. etc.

I am so excited to build our studio into the space that reflects who we are.  I'm trying not to rush the process but I'm really anxious!  It's like the night before going to the amusement park (Kings Dominion where I grew up)…your stomach is doing flips as you dream of all the fun you'll have…I love it!  And, I love that we've had some of our most favorite people come to visit!  I'm much more inclined to invite people over to our current space…it's so much fun to want to include those you know in the things that define who you are.  Can't wait to start having parties here!!'s a few photos from this morning....

kinda messy!


Friday, March 16, 2012

It's our birthday!!

Hello!! If you've been following along on this here blog, you are aware that we've had a TON going on!  
  • We had a busy busy holiday season - which we made it merrily through thanks to a lot of hard work and really great audio books (we listened to all three Hunger Games books and can. not. wait. until next week when the first movie comes out!!!).
  • We did a huge huge project for Apple (which is significant not only because we love and admire Apple, but because we're a tiny handmade business doing projects for the big guys and that feels awesome)
  • Just last week we relocated our studio (to a completely different and awesome space that we are simply over the moon to be in)
  • and Moop turned 5!!!  Five is a BIG year in the life of a small business!  And, we're looking forward to the many decades still to come.
So, in thanks for helping us continue to make you the best canvas bags around, we're having a celebratory sale!  Simply enter: FIVEMOOP for 10% off your entire order at

Thanks for being awesome and have a great weekend!!

Much love,

***10% off sale is only valid at with the code FIVEMOOP. Sale begins 3/16/2012 and ends 3/23/2012.***

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We are here!

We're all moved in and slowly unpacking, organizing and getting re-set up.  
We're so happy to be here and will share more photos soon!
Thanks for all the support and patience while we transitioned...we've continued to accept orders and plan to ship for the first time from the new space on Friday - woo hoo!!