Friday, March 16, 2012

It's our birthday!!

Hello!! If you've been following along on this here blog, you are aware that we've had a TON going on!  
  • We had a busy busy holiday season - which we made it merrily through thanks to a lot of hard work and really great audio books (we listened to all three Hunger Games books and can. not. wait. until next week when the first movie comes out!!!).
  • We did a huge huge project for Apple (which is significant not only because we love and admire Apple, but because we're a tiny handmade business doing projects for the big guys and that feels awesome)
  • Just last week we relocated our studio (to a completely different and awesome space that we are simply over the moon to be in)
  • and Moop turned 5!!!  Five is a BIG year in the life of a small business!  And, we're looking forward to the many decades still to come.
So, in thanks for helping us continue to make you the best canvas bags around, we're having a celebratory sale!  Simply enter: FIVEMOOP for 10% off your entire order at

Thanks for being awesome and have a great weekend!!

Much love,

***10% off sale is only valid at with the code FIVEMOOP. Sale begins 3/16/2012 and ends 3/23/2012.***

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