Friday, May 11, 2012

This American Life

Last night Jeremy, Parker and I went to see the This American Life broadcast in our local movie theatre.  I want to say it was a life changing experience - but that just feels like too dramatic of a statement.  But, for me, it kind of was.  

I completely fell in love with Anna Bass.  I have never connected with a dance as much as I did her two performances last night.  Nor have I ever found dance funny and moving and as incredible as her two numbers were.  I felt renewed and rewarded.

I listened to two people who are navigating the physical changes their bodies are undergoing and it made me hope that if I find myself physically changing, that I can do it with as much humor and grace as David Rakoff and Ryan Knighton.  
I have long been a fan of David Rakoff's writing and story telling but I had never thought to imagine what he looked like.  I loved his voice and delivery style so much that I had imagined him always as a series of gestures.  And then, half way through his story, he danced.  He danced through his physical adjustments and made literal my imagination of him. 

I was super impressed with OK Go's showmanship.  You know when you see someone loving the limelight so much that it makes you love it with them and for them?  That's what they do.  So many smiles and all around fun and we got to be the rhythm section. 

Tig Notaro, the he/she robot, made me laugh. so much.  She exudes confidence and beauty in a way that only comes from knowing yourself and being super bold.  And she makes you want to be her…no, she makes you want to be more you.  

Victoria reminded me that I am a photographer.  I have been for a long time.  I have set that part of me aside as I have juggled the everydayness of the last 7 years.  The camera had been my escape from everything and my way to understand things for myself.  It was a very contemplative process.  I've missed it and I need to bring it back.  I need my film camera. 

Again, Anna Bass and Monica Bill Barnes.  They make me want to be a dancer.  I dance at home. Only in front of Parker and she thinks I'm really silly.  That's why I do it.  But, Anna Bass and Monica Bill Barnes make not taking yourself too seriously really beautiful. 

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