Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The enchanted forest

Last Friday we played hooky from work and went on an adventure.  In the process we discovered my new most favorite place. We traveled a few hours north to The Cook Forest - an old growth hemlock forest in north western Pennsylvania.  The trail we hiked was full of moss, boulders and giant rhododendron.  We hiked down the mountain to the Clarion river.  We got our feet wet in the crisp cold water, climbed on the river rocks and searched for turtles....we didn't see any.  But, we did see a coyote.  He was sneaking up on us.  We scared him away and then we skedaddled back up the mountain.  The whole way back up I ran through all the ways I would have defended us against a coyote.  Coyote's aside, the whole adventure was super fun.  And entirely enchanting.  and a teensy bit terrifying. I'm pretty sure coyotes will eat you.

p.s. Parker is wearing Messenger no.4. We designed it for ipads, but it makes a great small everyday bag,'s compact and rugged. 


  1. oh my, i NEED one of these bags!!
    they'd go perfect with my laid-back mountain lifestyle


  2. Beautiful. The forest, the bag, Parker. Parker is growing up so fast, she's practically a young lady.


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