Monday, July 16, 2012

Moop + Moosehead + Things Made Well

We were so thrilled when Moosehead Brewery was in touch a few weeks ago.  Moosehead embarked upon a month long tour of the US and Canada seeking out small businesses who make things…and make them well.  There are so many reasons why this project means a lot to me.  I am passionate about people doing what they love.  It's not always as simple as it sounds - most of us have to endure years of work that we don't love in order to make it to a place where we are happy with our jobs, professions, careers (I sure did).  But, I am more passionate about businesses, large and small, operating in a manner that cares about the work environment they create, the product they produce, the ethics behind both and how they impact the wider world.  Simple ideas that have a very far reach.  I love that Moosehead, a rather large company, has taken an interest in giving some attention to a handful of super fantastic small businesses operating with those ideals in mind.

Keep an eye on the Moosehead facebook page for video updates (and a Moop bag giveaway!)…before they came to see us, they had been to see Paul - the maker of the Lemon Ball.  And funny story, I had a Lemon Ball sitting on my bookshelf when the Moosehead crew arrived!  A nice coincidence.  Before Paul, they had also been to see SabianSabian, folks!  They're like - oh my god! they are what helps make the world of music fantastic!  I can't believe we are featured along side such amazing people!  

Anyhow…hope you love the video.  And, hope you share this project with everyone you know!  And, keep an eye out for the Moosehead commercials about the Things Made Well tour…we've been seeing them all over the place!

And, lastly: THANK YOU Moosehead for including Moop in this super great project!!!


  1. This is fantastic, congratulations. Your video piece is great. I always find your story inspiring, but it was nice to watch and be reminded of it again this morning. It was also a fun surprise to see you linked with a company that has it's early roots in NS!

    Jill - (proudly slinging my Moop bag everyday in NS)

  2. You and your company are such an inspiration to me. I come to your website as a little boost to myself. Thank you for being there for me. I loved watching a bit of your process in the video and I think your bags are fantastic.

  3. What a fantastic video! It's wonderful seeing you in action.


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