Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Backpack!!

We are so excited to have just released The Backpack!!!  You can read all about it in our newsletter (if you are not subscribed...subscribe!! or read it here.)

We also just announced a new section of Special Editions...which include this Messenger no.5 - specially designed for Macbook Air 11's or anything smaller :)


  1. I love your bags! My favorite is the backpack in gray waxed canvas.

  2. I love this Messenger no.5 -

  3. My favorite Moop bad is the Messenger Bag no.5!!!!
    The design is absolutely versatile and chic for both male and female. In most cases, a bag complements the outfit. But in this case this bag makes the outfit.

  4. Hi Everyone! Thanks for your comments! In order to be entered into the Cup of Jo giveaway, comments must be left on Cup of Jo. Here's the link and good luck!!

  5. I really love your bags! Are you guys doing any special promo's soon for back to school? I think that would be really awesome!


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