Thursday, September 27, 2012

Adventures / and / Versatility!

We're heading out for some adventures this weekend and we've got our Backpack's packed!  Literally! These are the most versatile bags.  I carry one to work everyday with my laptop, then I rearrange and re-stuff it full of everything I want when we're running around town or exploring the forest (which we love to do...can I talk any more about how much I love the Cook Forest before you guys tell me to stop??!)

These two new colors are super fantastic.  
The stone corded canvas, contrary to what you might think, weathers so well.  It manages to conceal dirt and grime better than some of the darker colors.  It's not as white as the photos make it appear and the corded canvas breaks in like denim...getting better with use. The same is true for the soft brushed slate...our assistant Drew has been carrying this one and he loves it.

Also, not to continue to rub in the fantastic Special Edition Yellow that is now sold out...but, I can't resist these great photos our assistant Jessica and her bf Dylan took while camping at Kinzua (not too far from the Cook Forest!!!).

And, while I don't have any photos to prove it, I take our assistant Gena at her word when she says the felt laptop sleeve in her Backpack will successfully hold 6 beer cans, two layers of three.  And, because the felt is a natural insulator, it keeps them cold! Very convenient and so versatile!   

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