Sunday, September 9, 2012


This summer has been more of a challenge than I would like to admit to stay on top of our abundance of CSA vegetables.  Parker was away at camp for a few weeks and I did not cook as much during that time…and when I did, I was cooking for two rather than three (which somehow seems slightly more difficult..always ending up with too much (mostly fine, we just had leftovers for lunch the next day) or too little).  However, I recently met one of our neighbors at our studio and became so inspired by him!  He does pretty much everything and every conversation I have had with him, I have learned something new.  He roasts his own coffee (and totally made it sound easy and possible to add to my list of things I want to do), brews his own beer, forages for mushrooms, harvests from his extensive garden, canning and freezing everything for the winter, bakes his own bread, grinds his own flours, makes apple cider vinegar, taps his maple trees for syrup and works during the day as a mechanic.  An impressive array of things that I cannot even list in full here.  Seeing how easy he made everything look, inspired me to take whatever vegetables we did not use in time (hello super hot hungarian wax peppers!) and turn them into other things.  I have since turned so many vegetables into things you can dip other things into that it would seem we only eat dips and spreads!  But, when it came to the beets - we all love beets - I wanted to do something more inventive with them.  So, last night I made a beet cocktail.  Sounds weird, I know…but, I love weird sounding drinks!  Here's what I did:

  • Peel and dice one small to medium raw beet
  • Add to a tall liquid measuring cup so when you puree with your stick blender it does not fly all over the place
  • Add the juice of one lemon to the diced beets
  • Add about a ¼ cup of gingerale (or seltzer…you need the liquid to puree)
  • Puree with your stick blender until as smooth as possible.
  • Fill a mason jar with ice
  • Add 2oz tequila
  • Add 1oz St. Germaine
  • Add ¼ of your beet mixture
  • Screw on your lid and shake a bunch
  • Top off with more gingerale or seltzer (depending on how sweet you like your drinks)

Makes enough for about 4 drinks

Whenever I make inventive cocktails, I always make one for Parker…to make it non-alcoholic, simply leave out the alcohol and add an even amount of gingerale and seltzer (we always add more seltzer than soda)…she loved it!

You should give it a try! 

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