Friday, September 14, 2012

on the verge of fall

Hello! I love summer so much…everything that it is:  I love the heat, the water activities, the vacations, the slightly relaxed schedule but, I am so excited for the signs of fall we've had this week!  The light is beginning to change and all this week I've been able to start my day at the studio with the most beautiful skies.  Yet another reason why I love our new studio so so much.  

Hope you're off to a lovely weekend!  I'm looking forward to seeing a few friends and having some time to play around in the studio. 

oh! and, i'm cutting off all my hair today around lunch.  I hope the ladies at PageBoy do a fantastic  job! (currently my hair looks like when white women are depicted in movies as all frizzy and too long to do anything Elizabeth Banks in that super depressing movie, The Next Three Days..very sad)

1 comment:

  1. Wow! It is indeed a breath taking sight. The orange sky really looks amazing. I am glad that you captured such wonderful scene.


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