Monday, October 29, 2012

Kindred Holiday Pop Up!

We are so so so excited to be part of the amazing team of designers and shops that make up Kindred - a holiday pop up shop taking place this December at the fantastic Makeshift Society in San Francisco.  There are a dozen, or so, makers participating.  We'll be sending along a few special edition styles and colors of our most popular Moop bags.  And, you'll be able to find so many other great Forage Haberdashery, Leah Duncan (so many things I want!), Stone & Honey, Satsuma Press (a long time favorite letter press stationer), Modaspia (pretty dresses), Canoe (fun jewelry) and a handful of others!!

You can read bios and updates on the Kindred blog (including ours, here!).  If you live in or will be in San Francisco, please stop by Makeshift on December 15th and 16th!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Frozen in time...

Have you seen the World Wonders Project?  It utilizes Google's Street View Technology to view amazing sites around the world.  I stumbled across it while looking for images of cabins (I daydream of living in a cabin in the woods) and found this image of Scott's Hunt cabin in the Antarctic.  It was built and used during the first Antarctic explorations around 1913.  Sir Earnest Shakelton, Robert Falcon Scott and Carsten Borchgrevnik used the cabin for shelter and as their laboratory.  The structure was built to withstand the harsh climate but has literally been frozen in time.  You can read more about it here.

I showed Parker the site and she immediately clicked on the images of The Great Barrier Reef.  This sea turtle is beautiful. She's been looking up marine life in the Reef all morning (thank you Google for making our Sunday morning awesome).

Friday, October 26, 2012


Have you all seen The Paperback lately!  We issued a special edition Black Waxed Canvas version just before 10.11.12 and they all sold out. In one day.  So, we decided to do another run!  They're in the shop now.  Have fun this weekend!  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Nicole Porter

I just discovered Nicole Porter and her beautiful, fun, neon lacquered wooden bowls and housewares...aren't they fantastic!?!  I would love to add them to my growing collection of mismatched handmade dishes.  Especially those bowls and spoons.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our new studio mate...

Meet Clyde, our new studio mate.  He's named after Clyde Barrow...a lover and a killer (we have a mouse problem in the warehouse) (plus, we needed to add more adorableness to the studio).  He's still a teeny kitten...just a few months old...and super cuddly!  He's hard to take photos of because he just wants to sniff the camera every time it comes out but, I can assure you, you'll be seeing lots of photos of this little guy once he understands how photogenic he is.  So cute!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012



It's 10.11.12. 

This will only happen once in your life. 
So, to celebrate numbers happening in consecutive order
(because we love any cause for celebration), 

we are having a sale!!  

For today only, simply enter: 101112 in the coupon field upon checkout to receive the discount!! **

**sale is valid only at, for today only, 10.11.12**

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Looking forward

I just broke up with Adwords. 

And all of the other online advertising we have tried and paid for over the last few years.  Here's the bottom line.  I hated spending my time researching keywords and designing tiny little ¼ inch web buttons for someone to display on the very skinny side bar of their blog along with 400 other ¼ inch buttons. I hated loosing days on end…entire weekends!…trying to understand Adwords campaigns, SEO, retargeting and all that they encompass.  It really blows.  It's not why I started Moop.  Oh, I know what I'll do - I'll start this incredibly dynamic canvas bag company, laboriously make everything by hand, grow that business one sale at a time into my favorite thing in the world, working with people I love and admire so I can spend hours determining if I should go with "handmade bag" "Hand Made Bag" "Bags made by hand" "Made Hand Job" or all of them…yes. That's exactly what I want to do.

No. It's not.  I know it can be difficult to convey sarcasm via the internets, but that was it, folks.  I did not start Moop to master the art of SEO.  Someone else can take that on as their life's passion.  For me, I'll take everything listed prior to that.  The truth is, somewhere along the line, I lost sight of the most important things that make me love the business I have built.  At the very core, I am interested in relationships.  I value more than anything the relationships I have with everyone around me.  I love so much that through Moop, I have been able to establish relationships with people I don't know how I would have met otherwise.  There is a woman in Malaysia who carries Moop bags and she sends me the most awesome emails.  She is a single parent, raising her son in a beautiful place.  Will I find myself in Malaysia? Probably not.  Reality says, I'll never have enough expendable income for such a trip.  But, I can completely relate to raising a child on my own (I did it for 7 years).  I relate entirely to those moments when you have to do something for yourself because it can be incredibly lonesome with a toddler who you love and you know loves you, relies on you, in fact needs you to survive.  But, sometimes you need something just for you.. that helps you through each day…that makes things slightly easier because there is a pocket in the right spot that minimizes the amount of time you spend searching for your phone when you're in the middle of a busy store, with a crying child, broccoli in one hand and a cantaloupe in the other, trying to answer a ringing phone from that very person you've been expecting to call, who of course because this is how life works, would call when you were in the most inopportune place to take that call.  But, you do it anyway because your phone was easy to find.  That relationship is something I did not realize would develop when I started Moop.  I interact with each and every person who emails us.  That's me behind the address.  It's not an answering service or customer service agency.  It's me. And, I love it.  I love to hear about who is interested in Moop and why and what you would like to see in your next Moop bag.  It pretty much always makes my day.  Removing the things I do not enjoy from Moop means I have more time to focus on things that matter.  And, I don't think Adwords is what drives our business.  It's each of you.  You have supported us so much over the years and I am forever grateful for all of the friends and family you have sent our way.  It means the world to me. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jeni's Ice Cream

About 7 or 8 years ago, I lived in Columbus, Ohio.  Home to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.  Parker and I would often head to the North Market with the excuse that we needed to shop for vegetables...wholly denying our real objective: Ice Cream Cones.  
I always went for Salty Caramel.  It is my favorite.

I've been so excited to see the growth of Jeni's over the past few years.  I can now get her delicious pints in Pittsburgh and that makes me so happy.  Because really, I have never had any other ice cream ever that has been better than Jeni's.  If she's not in your town yet, don't worry she's on her way to becoming the next ice cream mogul.  Or, you can purchase online and have her treats delivered to your front door.  Oh, how wonderful it would be to have my freezer stocked with all of the above flavors.  The tough decision I would have to make night after night attempting to choose which flavor I was in the mood for.  yeah. That would be rough.