Thursday, October 11, 2012



It's 10.11.12. 

This will only happen once in your life. 
So, to celebrate numbers happening in consecutive order
(because we love any cause for celebration), 

we are having a sale!!  

For today only, simply enter: 101112 in the coupon field upon checkout to receive the discount!! **

**sale is valid only at, for today only, 10.11.12**


  1. So awesome. Also, my friend was asking about that snare contraption. He needs to know. ;)

  2. Jen, Jeremy has been making these kinetic drums and guitars for the last few years. This is his most recent set. He designed and built the drum stick mechanisms (they're pneumatically powered) then designed, built and programmed the computer circuits that control them. They pretty much blow my mind.
    He's/the drums are performing with an orchestral ensemble this weekend (which is awesome..considering his Joan of Arc roots). I'm planning to post about it with a few more photos tomorrow...


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