Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Handmade Holiday Order Deadlines

Today is the last day for our special holiday pricing! 
Enter WITHGRATITUDE for 10% off 
your entire order at www.moopshop.com

You can also shop our Etsy shop if you so prefer...
enter MOOPHOLIDAY2012 for 10% off there, too!

Also, holiday order guidelines:

Orders shipping outside of the US and Canada should leave as much time as possible...we ship via USPS International Priority Mail and recommend ordering by December 1st to ensure timely delivery.

Orders shipping to Canada are also shipped via USPS International Priority Mail.  We recommend ordering by December 7th to ensure timely delivery (though, we can ship via UPS for all you last second Canadians, it's much faster...just a slightly different process so get in touch

Orders shipping within the United States will ship via UPS Ground service (unless you choose expedited upon checkout). We will be shipping until December 21st so please plan accordingly).

Hooray for Handmade Holidays!!!


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