Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Moon and The Cosmonaut

Jeremy and I try to have a date night once a week and in the last year, we have made it a habit to walk to our going out spot.  It means our options are limited as there are not many restaurants or bars near us but, one thing I love the most is our walk to and from.   It's dark and calm and quiet and the moon and the stars are out. It has become a weekly ritual I love dearly.  

When I was 15 or so, my family went on a cross country road trip and stopped in The Badlands.  I don't remember a whole lot about it…I think we saw a corn palace either just before or just after.  But, that night, in The Badlands, it was as though I was breathing in stars.  I will never ever forget that visual feeling.  

Right now, it seems everyone around me knows about my love for the moon and the stars and the cosmonauts because several of my favorite artists have made recent work that I instantly fell in love with.  

One of my long time favorites and three of my favorite people, Valerie, Paul and baby Ayla at Tugboat Printshop have a new print in progress: The Moon - You need this in your home. And, so do I.  

And, Dan at Commonwealth Press has a new print of Yuri Gagarian, the Soviet Cosmonaut.  

Both of these are produced in the most labor intensive handmade ways, which makes me love them even more.  As someone who spends their days making things, I have a great appreciation for what goes into meticulously creating something.  I'm happy to say I was able to pick up a print from Commonwealth last night at their sooper fun open studio party.  Jeremy and I talked to Dan for far longer than any two people should at a big party (sorry, Dan! we hogged you!) but, it's so exciting when we meet a fellow small business owner who owns and operates their business in a similar manner to our own.

You can read more about Tugboat's hand carved block printing process here and here.
And, you can read about Commonwealth's process here (I read this over and over.  I'm not a printmaker so learning about half tones the way Dan describes his process pretty much blew my mind. And made me want to learn the process for myself. I hope you have the same reaction).  

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