Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jeremy Boyle + Mark Franchino + Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

This is a sketch for an actual tree house that is actually built and installed at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  Jeremy Boyle (my husband) and his colleague/cohort/collaborator, Mark Franchino, will be presenting Untitled I, an exhibition of new and collaborative works at the PCA.  

"Untitled I is a first collaboration between artists Jeremy Boyle and Mark Franchino. The central work, also titled Untitled I, combines their decade long creative interests (systems, communication, definition, context and value) into a sculptural installation. With the conflation of cheap material, careful construction, high and low tech, the work arrives in a simultaneous space of cynical observation and playful/imaginative thought. In addition to the central collaborative installation, both artists have included bodies of independent work in a wide range of media (drawing, sound, video, sculpture) that reinforces the broad range of thematic interest investigated within Untitled I.
Artist/musician Boyle is currently the co-director of the Children's Innovation Project at the CREATE Lab of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University and Assistant Professor of Art at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Franchino, a curator and artist working in sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and video, is an Associate Professor of Art at Clarion University of Pennsylvania."
If you are in Pittsburgh on Friday, February 1st, please join us for the opening.
6300 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

I'm really looking forward to this show!!  Hope to see you there!

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