Monday, January 28, 2013

The Reconstructionists

I am absolutely loving this new blog, written and illustrated by Maria Popova and Lisa Congdon.  I've added it to the list of things I would like my fifteen year old daughter to read each week.  I want her to know about the amazing women before her (and the amazing women around her!).  I was raised in a culture that insisted my only role was to be a wife and mother.  I hated it so much and it led me to rebel in very reckless ways.  In my early twenty's, I began to meet and know and learn from, strong, intelligent, supportive, forward thinking, women (and men!) who would forever change how I interacted with the world around me (Thank you, Peggy).  

Our foundation blocks are laid early on...but, sometimes they crumble and are re-built.  In that re-building we can salvage the good things (like baking bread with your mom) …the moments worth dwelling on (like your 8th birthday at Top Sail Island, where sparklers were used on your cake because nobody could find the candles) ...and a few of the reasons for the reconstruction (like how unhappy and destructive you were because you were given no place to believe in something be something else…and to remind yourself,  to try and avoid creating such a place for your own child).  I say this rather tentatively as I have a daughter whom I would love to see grow up, free from foundational earthquakes.  But, I know she should have them…we all should…and will (I just hope they are small).  

So, thank you to these two smart women who teamed up to share little bits about a slew of important, inspiring women via The Reconstructionists.  It means a lot.

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