Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A few things I'm loving right now...

This guy.  Seriously.  He's so serious. And so adorable. !!!

Coffee.  Particularly, Deans Beans Coffee.  I think I have been missing Massachusetts - probably because I've been emailing and making exciting plans with my friend Kim.  One of the jobs I had while living there (the one I talk about here), this is what they brewed in the office.  There's something nostalgic about it for me.  We particularly like the Nicaraguan French Roast.  We brew a pot of this each morning at the studio.  And, like a creature of habit, I use the same mug just about every day (made by this guy).

Teaching my daughter about the magic hour - at our new house.

Our new house.  I can't say enough how life changing this living space feels.  Every weekend when we pull up (we're only there on weekends until Parker is finished with school for the year), we feel a great sense of calm.  It's the most centering place I have ever lived.  And feeling centered while at home seems like everything a home is supposed to be.  I'm looking forward to living there full time.  The space between now and then feels immense!  But, it will allow us to do a few things to it (like build some bookshelves and put in a dishwasher) before it becomes all cluttered up with our stuff.  Currently, all we have there are a few folding chairs and two mattresses on the floor.  It is great.  So great.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to Moop!

Well, Hello again!  So much has happened since we last talked!
I went to Texas for the first time. 
To Austin. 
I loved it. 
More on that later.  

The biggest news - we did in fact purchase a house!  
It still feels a little unbelievable.  
We're very excited! 
We will be making a slow transition so Parker can finish out her school year in the same school.  That will give us some time to build in some shelves, paint, clean, etc. without having our belongings in there and bit by bit move all of our stuff in...which is kind of awesome.  I'm really looking forward to this summer there. I'll share photos soon.

The other biggest news is that March is Moop's birthday month!  Now we are Six!
This also feels so exciting.  I have spent all of the last six years orchestrating my life around sewing and growing and building this business into what it has become and every passing year feels like such a reward for all of the work that has been done. I can't say enough how much I love the amazing people I get to have work with me each day.  And!, meeting and learning about the incredible people who choose to carry our bags. Seriously! You all are amazing people doing amazing things!  We're all looking forward to continuing this adventure over the next many years to come. 
Thanks for joining us and supporting us and inspiring us. 

We chose Pi Day to celebrate. Pi is an amazingly long and complex number with many intrigues and adventures stemming from its ongoing discovery.  
Lots of people have endlessly labored for the sake of pi.
It seems we're prone to taking on long laborious projects with seemingly no end so, it felt appropriate that we take this day to have a birthday sale!  And, to enjoy all things pi(e). 

Enter the code pi3.14 upon checkout at moopshop.com 
(or pi314 in our Etsy shop
and you'll receive 10% off your entire order!
From yesterday through Monday, 3.18.13

And, to add a little birthday party favor flourish, we'll be including a random special small gift in all orders placed for the duration of the sale...we're not telling what it is so, just wait it out to be surprised!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Today is quite possibly the day...

We are anticipating purchasing a home today!

I had mentioned last fall that we had sold the house we purchased when we moved from Massachusetts to Pittsburgh - the one we were going to work on every day to turn it from a klunker to a beauty.  But, the reality of our lives did not allow for that to happen so, three and a half years and many challenges later (I think we all gained decades of wisdom during those three, trying years), we sold it to a lovely woman who has already begun doing the major work the house needed.  It makes us happy to see someone else transforming it into their home.

We had sold that house (at a loss mind you) so we could, literally, move on.  Jeremy's new job has him commuting 2 hours each way with several nights a week just staying up near the university.  This is not very sustainable.  We began looking for houses to relocate to early last fall and it has been an emotional roller coaster!  The process of working with a lender is so invasive.  They pry into your personal life and make you feel tiny and irresponsible and make you justify why you moved so many times from 1999-2005 (uh...i was a single parent, working two jobs, and in school full time...living arrangements were not very stable) (i actually had to write a letter explaining this).  We found what we thought was our dream home.  A tiny cabin in the forest on a few acres.  But, two days before closing, the deal fell through and we didn't get the house!  I felt so upset. I cried.  We had all spent 45 days completely imagining our life there and then it didn't happen.  So, we tried for another house, which also did not work out.  We finally decided that we needed to re-evaluate the entire plan.  We found a location half way between Jeremy's job and my studio and started looking.  Turns out our real dream house was waiting for us there.  It had just come back on the market the day we started looking.  We went to see it, placed an offer, went through all the appraisals and inspections, started working with a new lender (who was fantastic! has not once made us feel as though we were low-lifes for not being able to pay cash for a house) and here we are - our closing is at 2pm.

I want to say a big thank you because many people have helped us get here, most importantly: our families and  everyone who has supported Moop have made it possible for us to do this.  Moop is what has supported us since we moved to Pittsburgh.  We now have the addition of Jeremy's job (which is a huge relief!...and a great job) and we're looking forward to finally being somewhere stable, that does not need to be gutted and renovated before we can actually live there...we get to just move right in!  So, we're holding our breath until 2pm because in many ways it feels too good to be true.