Friday, May 10, 2013

On dieting

I am a snob when it comes to diets...meaning: I don't diet. I eat right (whatever right means), we make most everything from scratch, we eat vegetables at every meal, we never ever eat fast food (this is true) and we exercise. We also eat out (never at fast food places), bake cookies, make cocktails, eat french fries and really thoroughly enjoy our eating habits, which in turn makes us enjoy life..we do stuff, we hang out, we make things. It's pretty great.  But, give me a blog about a specific diet or a story of a person dieting and I will read it all the way through.  Mainly because we have a few food allergies in our house (not sensitivities, but full on allergies, the kind that make you have to go to the hospital if you have certain foods) and I like to see what other people are doing, the neurosis that ensue when you limit what you eat and the recipes. But, I also find it incredibly annoying when people with gobs of money and loads of personal assistants give advice on how to live and eat "right" because, sure, if I had a personal chef, $5000 a week to spend on groceries, someone to clean my house, take care of my kids, run my business, dress me each day, brush my teeth for me, etc. I would eat "right" all the time, too.  So, when I read this article on The Cut, I laughed a lot.  
And, just like the author, I felt superior.  
Then, I wanted to buy the cookbook. 
Because, I need it for my collection.  
Also, I have nothing against celebrities. 
Especially when they're good at what they do (hello, Royal Tenenbaums!).  
Plus, Gwyneth should know that the name of her blog sounds a lot like the name of my business....we should team up.


  1. Hi Wendy!

    I ordered a bag from you last year and LOVE it. I also thought it was cool because I had just missed out on a promotion but you gave it to me anyway because we share the same last name. How fun - when you own your own business you get to do stuff like that.

    I read your post where you mentioned that someone in your house has food alergies. I wanted to pass on a web page my sister put together -
    She is in PA also. Hope this provides some helpful info.

    p.s. I love all the links you share with us. Especially Lisa Congdon. I have really enjoyed her site.

  2. thanks for sharing the article. so funny!

    i recently bought Gwenyth's new cookbook. we have severe food allergies in our home as well and was excited to see she was eliminating some of the ingredients that are banned from our home. so far so good.


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