Friday, June 21, 2013

The new Carriers

Did you all see that we have updated the Carrier collection?  We have two new colors: Orange and Gunmetal both made from our new highly water resistant cotton canvas.  We're so excited about this material.  It is super durable, protects the contents of your bag and comes in rich, slightly subdued colors - which is just what we love!  We think you'll love the leather detailing, too.  Our leather is sourced from an upstate New York shoe manufacturer and draws on the famous Horween tannery in Chicago...the best you can find.

Here's what one of our super nice customers had to say about their new Carrier:

"I already own 3 waxed canvas messengers, and love them. I'd been wanting to purchase a brown waxed canvas Carrier bag for quite some time. I finally got one, and it is amazing. My messengers can't be beat for work. But this is my bag to throw things into when I'm going out with the kids, or running errands. It's ideal.
It really is gorgeous! The leather handles add a nice look to it. I have received so many compliments these past few weeks (from women AND men!) I feel like this bag will last forever, it's so well made."   
Holly, June 2013

You can see the entire collection here:  The Carriers
And the newest, Gunmetal, here.
And the other newest, Orange, here.
Plus, our wardrobe staples: Brown Waxed Canvas and Gray Waxed Canvas

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