Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Backpacks for brightly colored adventures (and a sale!)

School is back in session! So, we made a new Yellow Backpack! And, for those of us whose school days are long gone...well, likely you've been working all summer...just like me...and you still need to carry a whole bunch of stuff from one place to another. The Backpack is great for that.  

Also, Monday is Labor Day and I want to take a quick moment to say thank you to the fantastic team who help me make all of our Moop bags.  Gena, Jessica and Drew are an amazing and intelligent group to work alongside.  It is immensely important to me that our product is made with not just the highest craft and quality materials, but that we stay committed to an ethical and sustainable process of production.  Our bags are great because of this.  Our bags will continue to be great because of this.  Producing things in house means I know my production team personally, (they are as much a part of what Moop is as I am), it means I know our products personally, we can respond to adjustments immediately, we can minimize our global carbon footprint and we can grow.  I'm looking forward to the coming years as we add more jobs to the Moop family...something we are able to do because of you.  So...THANK YOU!  

Hopefully you all get to take Monday off to spend as you wish.  And, in case you find yourself doing a little shopping, be sure to enter WORKDAYOFF for 10% off at

Many, many thanks,


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